Acum (") Prize 2013 and 2014 Prize

given for the best singer, composer ,writer etc (with Avi Pines)

Sheba Hospital Tel Hashomer

20 reliefs 2 * 1 meter (with Avi Pines)

World Jewish Ice Hockey Championship

bronze sculpture given as prize - July 2009

Wingate Institute Sculpture Garden

2.5 * 4.5 meter high bronze sculptures - 2003-2006

Boombamela Festival - Nitzanim Beach

3 large scale sculptures for festival (4-6 meters high)-2007

Bomer Dance Competition

Bronze statuette First Prize May 2002

Wingate Institute
21 Small-scale bronze models
for large (2 meter bronze) outdoor sculptures from May 2001

Torah Crown
, in bronze
for Torah Ark in Synagogue New York - 2003

Taito Corporation
, Head Office - Tokyo, Japan
- Portrait of founder Michael Misha Kogan - July 1999

Assaf HaRofeh Hospital

Portrait of Dr. Wim Malgo for entrance to The Dr. Wim Malgo
Casualty Dept. (twice life-size) June 1998

Israel Furniture Center, Rishon Le Zion

- 24 Large-Scale Sculptures (Carmel Shuk 2000)
(3.5 meters high) at the time the largest commission of its type in Israel - installed June 1995

Tel Aviv Port
Large-Scale Outdoor Sculpture - Carnival B'Namal

installed May 1994 (Commissioned by Tel Aviv Municipality)

Tel Aviv Beach - Sand Sculpture
- Fantasy of Legends

July-August 1993 (Commissioned by Tel Aviv Municipality)

Tuvia the Milkman, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

3.5 meters high, 1995

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